Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Flying Box Assults Unsuspecting Grad Student on Prospect Street

Today I got hit by a flying box.

Yes, you heard me.

A flying box.

In re-living the marginally traumatizing event over and over in my head, I'm reminded of the old Macintosh screen saver with the flying toasters.

I was waiting to cross the street. Standing on the sidewalk. Minding my own business. A strong gust of wind came up from behind me, shortly after which I was accosted by an empty cardboard box that had managed to catch flight, using its sinister lid flaps as makeshift wings to execute the epic aerial assault.

After the initial strike, the assailant fell at my feet and was shortly thereafter whisked away down the street to continue its rampage, I’m sure, on other unfortunate and unsuspecting students.


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